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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Instructions for bow

Supplies Needed: 12x12 card stock( I prefer double sided)
hole punch
2 buttons or brads
18 inches of ribbon
Paper trimmer

Step 1: You are going to need to cut 12 strips of paper. 4 at 1x12, 4 at 3/4x11, and 4 at 1/2x10.
You will also need a a strip at 1x6

Step 2: Fold into desired loop, you are just doing this to get an idea of where you want to punch your holes.

Step 3: You are going to want to punch holes all the way through each loop. I use my making memories hand punch, but any punch will work.I punch the first one as a guide, and then overlap it onto the other strips it size. You will also need to punch a hole into the smaller piece, but this hole doesn't need to be on the top as well. ( so instead of having three holes in it, it will only have two)

Step 4: You are going to thread your ribbon through your button. This is going to be on the inside of your small loop.This is what holds your ribbon together.

Step 5: Start to thread your other loops, starting with the smallest loops first. You also want the top to be threaded first. Continue this until you have thread them all.

Step6: You will need to add a button to the bottom, this helps keep the loops in their place.

Step7: Fluff to desired look.