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Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Highlight

In the middle of me making baby shower invites( for 2 showers), Graduation invites, Valentine, and Birthday cards, I had a pretty amazing week! I got to go to my sis in laws 4-D ultra sound with her. The proud daddy is my little brother, and he is currently serving our country as a Proud Marine, and he is stationed in Spain right now. He's been gone her entire pregnancy, but will be back in the states right before she has baby Skyler! So we have all filled in for him as much as we can. My kids and I went to her appointment with her, and I was so excited to see baby Skyler ( he loves to hear my voice, I'm kinda smitten) but this little guy looks just like my brother when he was a baby! He has our big lip and button nose, and his mommas eye shape. We are all truly blessed that we will have baby Skyler in our lives very soon. I'm doing a Sock Monkey baby shower for her, and Im doing a lot with my cricut, so Ill get pics up as soon as I can

Now the adorable cuties are my rotten children, my Emma is super girlie, so I started making tutus for her, and she loves them. And her older brother Gabe is my handful, his daddy cut him a mowhawk and it fits him to a T. He's a little rebel. This is a pic of them playing in the laundry basket. They think its really cool to ride around in it.

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